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“God found me when I was in prison”

September 21, 2023

“God found me when I was in prison.”

That’s what we hear from Vladimiras in Lithuania. Here’s more of his incredible story:

“I was led to faith in Jesus through a pastor who visited the prison. About ten years later, a CD recording of THRU the BIBLE fell into my hands by accident. It contained studies of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and other books. I began to listen to these recordings for about three to five hours every day. This went on for five years. You could say that I was not just listening, but studying—pausing the recording, outlining, marking verses in the Bible. These audio recordings became an important part of my spiritual growth.

“In time, I was asked to oversee the chapel. So, I started inviting other prisoners to listen to these recordings with me. This turned into a Bible study hour—we would listen to the program and then discuss it. I tried to answer the questions of the others. To be more prepared, I listened to the teaching alone beforehand. The prisoners were very interested. And all the inmates who took part in these studies came to faith in Christ. But it wasn’t just them, these studies impacted my life, too. Even though I had been a believer for ten years, I still couldn’t quit smoking. When I started studying God’s Word with these men, I was able to drop the smoking habit—God’s Word was changing me.

“The Bible itself went from being a book ‘thick and difficult to understand,’ to being much clearer. The Old and New Testaments became one for me. I began to compare the Old and New Testaments more closely; I learned the meanings of names and places. In this way, the Bible became an interesting and living book for me. It opened a personal relationship with God. These recordings of this program have brought precious fruit in my life and in the lives of others.

“Later, when I was released, the prison authorities recognized the change in my life—they trusted me and allowed me to visit other prisoners with the message of the Word of God. That is a very uncommon practice. I found all of THRU the BIBLE’s program on the internet and brought them to the prisoners as birthday presents.

“Also, as I moved home, I started to invite my neighbors to listen. We get together in the evenings, listen to one program together, then discuss and debate it. I also do this in the rehabilitation center where I started my ministry after I got out of prison. I thank God for Dr. McGee who prepared these studies and you who make it possible for the people of Lithuania to know the Bible and Jesus Christ better.”

Praise God for the power of His Word. Thank Him for it in the lives of these prisoners and in your life as well. As THRU the BIBLE is heard today, pray more people in Lithuania are transformed. Like Vladimiras, may they dedicate themselves to sharing it with all those God puts in their path.

Letting go of the pain from anxiety and embracing God’s peace. That’s the story we hear in Poland tomorrow. Join us as we journey in prayer.

Listen here to TTB-Lithuanian.