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How does God talk to us today?

August 04, 2023

“The Bible is God’s communication to man. If He spoke out of heaven right now, He would just repeat Himself.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee from “How to Understand the Bible”

If you hopped aboard the Bible Bus today, you heard Dr. J. Vernon McGee describe Psalm 2 as a word of warning and a word of wooing. And that’s what Jun in the Philippines found as he listened to God’s Word, too. Here’s his story:

“I didn’t know much about the Bible, but through your programs I felt as though God was talking to me. I felt as though each day I was sitting down with Him and He was telling me exactly what He wants from me and how much He loves me. I was also completely overwhelmed by this experience. Not long after I began, I chose to receive Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Now I continue to listen and grow in my faith. I find God encourages me and cautions me at the same time. Just as any good Father should.”

Today thank God for the way His Word speaks to each of us. Pray more people in the Philippines hear it and draw close to Him. Like Jun, may they come to rely on the encouragement and warnings He provides to those He loves.

“Can God change me?” That’s what an addict in Equatorial Guinea wondered. Join us for his story next time.

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