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Living generously for the Lord

July 17, 2023

But a generous man devises generous things, and by generosity he shall stand. -Isaiah 32:8

Our week-long prayer journey through southern Europe begins in Croatia where we meet with Petar who shares:

“I thank the Lord for saving me and my loved ones, and also for seeing that many more are being saved through His Word. Although we never know when Jesus Christ will return, everything that is happening and what we hear on TV that is happening in other parts of the world makes me wonder. I have been listening to you for many, many years and rejoice in the many ways I have seen the Lord use your teaching in my life and the lives of others. I am a witness to much fruit in the old listeners and new ones in this region. As I go about my days, I am reflecting on Isaiah 32:8. I want to be generous in the Lord. When He returns, I want to know I have been generous to His plans and to His people. In my spirit and in my actions, please pray that I continue on in generosity for His glory.”

What a great request. Today pray Petar and all of us on the Bible Bus live generously for the Lord. In all we say and do, may God’s generous love be apparent to everyone around us.

We’re praying for God’s face to shine upon Montenegro. Join us tomorrow for the journey.

Listen here to TTB-Croatian.