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Psalm 62:8 directs our prayer today

July 13, 2023

Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. -Psalm 62:8

As we travel the world together on our knees, we find that no matter where we live our joys and sadness are similar. And we are grateful to have others who pray for us when we desperately need it.

Welcome to Haiti. Today we meet with Hector who needs our strength and prayers. He writes:

“Both my daughter and my brother are very ill. It is painful to watch them struggle, and my heart is in pieces when my daughter cries out. When she does, I cry out to God. I continually meditate on Psalm 62:8. Please pray for us. I want to trust Him, but I am often afraid.”

Can you relate? Together let’s come before the Lord and ask for His help.

Father, thank you that Your Word tells us when we are afraid, we can pour our hearts out to you. We come today and lay our worries and fears at Your feet. When we feel crushed by our circumstances, remind us You are our refuge and fill us with Your strength and Your grace. Give us Your peace as we feebly trust in You and You alone. In the name of Jesus, our precious and powerful Savior, amen.

Dr. McGee asks three important questions from Galatians 3. Hop aboard the Bible Bus tomorrow and then join as we pray our way through Jamaica.

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