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What can we learn about God’s Word from landscaping?

June 16, 2023

Welcome, World Prayer Team, today we stop in Arizona and meet with a fellow passenger named Leon. He writes:

“I own a successful landscaping business. I received Christ in 2002, and the pastor recommended I listen to your programs. Through God’s Word, I have learned a lot that I reflect upon while I work. Like the plants I nurture, we need to soak our minds in the water of God’s Word. There is no substitute or shortcut. We need to immerse ourselves until the water comes spilling out of the container or flooding into the soil around us. Our hearts need to be watered every day to cleanse us, to nourish us, to help us grow. We need to spend time in God’s Word as if our very lives depend on it … because they do. My prayer for this teaching is that it consistently seeps into hearts around the world.”

That’s a great prayer for today. May more people hear God’s Word and choose to soak in it daily. As we do, may it begin to flow through us and spill out of us in everything we say and do.

On Monday we’re off to pray across western Europe. Bring your Bible and meet us in Austria.

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