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Pray Acts 2:21 for immigrants in Sweden

June 09, 2023

“And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” -Acts 2:21

As we complete our prayer tour through northern Europe, we return to the country of Sweden and pray for the many immigrants who study God’s Word with us. From letters, phone calls, emails, and messaging services like WhatsApp, we know that THRU the BIBLE in Arabic, Turkish, Somali, and several other languages are finding an audience. While some who regularly join us know Jesus, others do not and listen because they long for a voice from home.

As one listener in Sweden who catches the Bible Bus in his native tongue of Tigrinya tells us:

“THRU the BIBLE in Tigrinya helps comfort us here abroad. We were not Christian, but greatly miss our relatives and friends. Listening to God’s Word in Tigrinya brings us fond memories and good feelings. Thank you for making this program available to us. We are learning about God and find His ways pleasing.”

Together, let’s pray Acts 2:21 for the many in Sweden who are hearing God’s Word in their native tongues:

Lord, thank You for Your promise in Acts 2:21 that everyone who calls on Your name will be saved. As THRU the BIBLE goes out today, we pray many will be drawn to it. As they listen, please draw them near, and save them for your glory. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Next week our travels bring us closer to home. We’ll meet you in Mexico on Monday.

Listen here to TTB-Tigrinya.