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Trusting God when it’s hard

June 02, 2023

For I know that my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last on the earth; and after my skin is destroyed, this I know, that in my flesh I shall see God. -Job 19:25, 26

God can be trusted even when we don’t understand His ways. That’s one of the important lessons we’re learning in our study of Job. (Did you hop aboard the Bible Bus this morning for our first study?) That’s also what we must remember when we pray for the overwhelming circumstances that face the people of Niger:

  • Among the world’s poorest countries, the agricultural economy is frequently destroyed by drought. It’s hard to grow enough food for the growing communities.
  • Slavery is still practiced in isolated areas.
  • Children are trafficked for labor in gold mines, sexual exploitation, and begging.
  • Women are abducted and sold into servitude or prostitution.
  • Young boys are kidnapped for work in stone quarries.
  • A land dispute with Libya remains unresolved and often triggers violence.
  • 97% percent of the population is Muslim with many never having heard the gospel.

Today as we pray, be confident that God is working in Niger. Ask Him to provide for the physical needs of His people in this struggling country and that people would see His hand in that provision. As we trust Him to provide safe places for women and children, pray His name is praised in the hallways. And as we thank Him for the small number of Christians who share His Word with others, pray He multiplies their efforts. God delights in surprising us—let that be the story in Niger today.

As He was in the life of Job, God is at work today … and one day may the people of Niger say they, too, have seen God.

Rest up, travelers. On Monday we’re heading to northern Europe where we’ll visit the “happiest country on earth.”

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