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Small acts of obedience can yield big results

April 20, 2023

Being a part of God’s work around the world doesn’t have to be a huge production or big commitment. Oftentimes it’s small acts of obedience and faithfully waiting for God to open doors that can make a difference. That’s what we hear from Morocco today:

“I am Osama, and I work in a cloth shop in northern Morocco. One day while working, a foreign man came into the shop to buy some clothes. We chatted awhile, and I shared about Islam. After I finished, he thanked me and asked if would accept a New Testament as a gift. I accepted the book and started reading through it enthusiastically on a daily basis.

“The first thing I noticed was how very different it is from the Quran. Almost immediately I started to fall in love with the Bible! It felt strange. And one night while I was listening to the radio, I came across your teaching and heard of a website to research. When I found it, I was surprised to find that you teach on the entire Bible … a systematic study. The more I listened, the more my heart rejoiced and felt peace. That’s why I’m contacting you. I decided to send you an email to see if this all is real, and if it is, how can I become a Christian? It seems that God is the God of the Bible, and the God of the Bible is speaking to my soul and heart!”

Isn’t that a great story? As we praise God for Osama’s open heart and the faithfulness of the man who gave him the Bible, ask God to show us ways we can join Him in His work. Simple acts of obedience really can yield big results when God uses them for His glory.

Christians in Libya need our prayers. Meet us there (on your knees) tomorrow.

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