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The truth of Psalm 107:9

April 17, 2023

For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness. -Psalm 107:9

“Islam, atheism, drugs, alcohol—I tried them all. Nothing gave me the sense of fulfillment I was looking for until I heard your program.”

That’s the beginning of a great story we hear from Radwan as we travel through the country of Algeria. Here’s more:

“While searching the internet one evening, I came across your teachings on Philippians. I was intrigued but skeptical. I began to find more from you and engaged in chatting with others online about the teaching. I kept asking so many questions.

“After a few weeks, I called your team and asked if they would send me a Bible and instruction on how I can become a Christian. I am happy now to say that I am among you as a believer. Please pray for me to know God more and to be free from the addiction I developed as I searched for meaning in unsuitable places.”

Thank God He can and does fulfill our deepest longings. Today pray more people in Algeria (and around the world) come to Him and are satisfied in ways that no food, person, or thing ever can.

Spoiler alert: Want to hear more about what God is doing through the Taqbaylit language? Hop aboard the Bible Bus on Thursday for a special report by Gregg and Steve.

Tomorrow we’re praying through the Muslim-dominant country of Western Sahara.

Listen here to TTB-Taqbaylit.