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In every language, in every country, may God’s Word be heard

April 13, 2023

There are about 23,000 Russians living in China. Most are the descendants of troops who fled Russia in 1917 after their defeat in the civil war. Today the majority are a mixed Russian-Chinese race.

As we travel on our knees today, thank God for the more than 200 different languages in which people can listen to THRU the BIBLE. We often speak of the impact of smaller language groups, many of which have almost no solid Bible teaching resources, but today let’s thank Him for larger spoken languages like Central-Asian Russian that can reach small pockets of people who have immigrated and years later assimilated in other countries. Pray for new technologies, logistics, and tools that ultimately will help carry the message forward and will contribute toward taking the whole Word to the whole world.

Tomorrow we’re praying for a breakthrough in North Korea. Join hearts with us.