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The high cost of our salvation

April 03, 2023

“Only the blood of the Lord Jesus, God’s Son, cleanses from all sin. Only His blood.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee from The Cross Through Jesus’ Eyes

If you’ve traveled with us on the Bible Bus for very long, you know Dr. McGee doesn’t mince words about the glory of Jesus Christ or the cost of His sacrifice on the cross.

This week on World Prayer Today we’re traveling on our knees praising God alongside our fellow listeners as we thank Him for the price Jesus paid for our sin and the miracle of His Resurrection. Perhaps no one is more grateful for that gift than Biren in Assam, India.

“My father is a preacher. Though I was born in a Christian family I didn’t accept Jesus. My father used to tell me the good news, but I never accepted Jesus as my Lord. Choosing worldly friends ruined me. I got entangled with all the evil activities. I hurt many people and became unrecognizable to myself.

“In 2018 my father organized a radio home group. I’m not sure why, but I started to listen. Then, I was listening ahead of the group, studying God’s Word twice a day. The more I listened, the more I needed more. One afternoon the Living Word of God touched me, and I started to cry.

“I confessed all my sins and accepted Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for me. I was so embarrassed for all I had done and told Him everything. After I was finished, I felt clean. Like I was beginning anew. I left all my unbeliever friends and the evil activities. Now I listen to you in the morning and the evening. I go out and encourage others to listen as well. Thank you for being my most trusted partner and friend. I thank Jesus for His blood that saved me. I still do not feel worthy of His love, but I know He accepts me anyway and for that I will praise Him all my days.”

It’s true we will never be worthy of God’s love. As Dr. McGee says, “we cannot earn it, we cannot buy it—we must receive it as a gift. The Lord Jesus Christ did all that was needed to save us.” Thank Him for that gift today in your life and pray more people in Assam come to accept it. Like Biren, may they begin to praise Him each and every day.

We’ve got more good news to share tomorrow. We’ll meet you in Morocco.