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“I do not see my big problems anymore, but I see a big God.”

March 06, 2023

A spiritual battle is taking place in Indonesia. Christians often mix ancient traditions and the occult, and through overt persecution and the subtle yet succinct efforts to erode religious freedoms, Muslims continue to grow in influence and power. Despite all this, God’s Word is finding an audience in the hearts of listeners like these:

Alfadeo tells us: “I was blessed to hear your teaching on John the Baptist when he was arrested and imprisoned. I was convinced to always be obedient and loyal to God. I will trust God even if there are problems.”

Gatot shares: “I always listen to this program with my family. We are very blessed because we can reach a deeper understanding by listening to God’s Word. It’s been a great help, especially for me who actively serves at church.”

Ruben texted: “I give thanks to the Lord. He moved me from darkness to light. God gives strength to face my fears and issues. I do not see my big problems anymore, but I see a big God.”

Isn’t that great? Today pray for God’s Word as it goes out in Indonesian and Javanese. Ask Him to multiply it in the hearts and lives of those who hear it so that more Indonesians come to know Him. And, as we study together, may we too see a big God who is working on our behalf.

We’ve got more great news, this time from the Philippines. Join us tomorrow.

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