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Teaching the teachers

February 02, 2023

As we traveled through Zambia on Monday, we realized the majority of African pastors and church leaders have little to no formal biblical or theological training. That’s also what Dembe in Uganda recently shared:

“Thank you for your programs that have shed much light on God’s Word. I had not planned on listening, but once engaged, I realized that many things I have been teaching are very inadequate and inaccurate. And as a servant of God, I felt touched.

“So, I listened more, and I found out that the programs are very deep and exposed me more to the Word of God. Since then, it has been so impactful to my life and ministry. I now feel as though I have the training needed to speak for God in any situation. I pray and hope that this teaching will continue reaching all parts of Uganda. May God bless you, His servant, for such a ministry to us.”

What great news! As God’s Word goes out today in Uganda, pray more people will hear it and be rooted in truth, especially those He’s called to lead His church. 

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