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Praying for those who share God’s Word in Australia

January 11, 2023

As diversity in Australia increases, the number of Hindi speakers is rapidly growing. So today as we pray our way through Oceania, ask God to multiply THRU the BIBLE’S ministry through faithful listeners like this one:

“I like your program very much. I’ve continuously listened to it for more than one year. What I have learned is that God is love. I recently moved but share the love of God with new people I meet. I invite them into my home, and we listen to your programs. Each day there are about five to six of us.”

If each of us shared God’s Word with five to six of our neighbors and friends, can you imagine the impact? Ask Him today to give us the courage and the heart to reach out in His name.

The government has tight reign over media in China. Tomorrow join us as we pray and thank God for the obstacles He’s overcoming as we share His Word.

Listen here to TTB-Hindi.