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What does it mean to be a Christian?

November 29, 2022

“What does it mean to be a Christian?” Ask a group of people on a busy street and you’re likely to get a myriad of different responses that range from the doctrinally correct to the downright absurd.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As we continue to celebrate the power of God’s Word to change our lives, we stop in Cambodia and visit with Savy who tells us how drastically his answer to this question has changed in a short time.

“I became a Christian in 2010, but my belief was not strong. I believed that being a Christian was just another way of following a religion’s teaching only. I kept going to church weekly and made lists of things I thought a Christian should do and talk about but did not know how to have a real relationship with God. Then once day, I heard a message from you, and everything changed in an instant. God spoke to my heart, and I heard the truth. I finally knew what it meant to be a Christian. I believed He is the only one true God, Jesus is God’s one and only Son, and He paid the price for my sins by His almighty and holy blood to set me free. This was the day that God changed my old mindset that I was no longer a religion follower, but I became a believer. I give thanks to God for His living Word that spoke and is speaking to me, and I pray that others will come to hear it so they too can know what it really means to know the Lord.”

Today let’s thank God for the privilege of praying together and for the spiritual fruit He produces as a result. To Him be the glory and honor!

The good news keeps rolling in … meet us tomorrow in Odisha, India.

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