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The power of God’s promise in Romans 10:17

November 21, 2022

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. -Romans 10:17 

God is at work in India! Our celebration of God’s salvation coming to individuals worldwide continues with this update from Velankanni in Tamil Nadu. She writes: 

“I came to hear about your program through my friends. My husband would not allow me to watch, but I did it secretly and meditated on God’s Word all day long. Many times, I encouraged him to turn to the Lord, but he refused. 

“In 2021 he was badly infected with Covid, and we lost all hope for his recovery. At that time, I read the Bible to him, and he cried out to the Lord for deliverance. God answered my husband’s prayers, and he was quickly healed. But he didn’t fully surrender his life to the Lord. One evening while I was studying with you in the book of Exodus, he found me and instead of being mad, he joined in. As you read ‘thou shalt have no other Gods before me’ he was struck with conviction and repented of his sins. Today, the entire family has become regular viewers of your Tamil programs. Given my husband’s story, we now firmly believe in Romans 10:17 and share God’s Word with everyone we know.” 

Praise God for this family and all those coming to faith through His Word. Pray others in Tamil Nadu hear THRU the BIBLE and choose to follow Him. May the power of His Word change countless hearts and lives. 

We’re celebrating in Kenya. Hop aboard tomorrow and join the party. 

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