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Finding grace in the middle of grief

November 16, 2022

“Will our lives ever be the same? Will our family ever laugh again? How do we get through this?”

These are the questions Seetha and her family faced after the sudden loss of her brother-in-law. The advice of a kind neighbor changed everything. Here’s her story:

“Our grief was immense. It overtook us. We spent weeks and months mourning and couldn’t seem to move past the idea that life had no purpose. We became fearful and didn’t want to leave our home. A neighbor noticed the change in our habits and began to drop by more regularly. One day she brought a radio with her and introduced to us to your Telugu program.

“We had so many questions but felt a great peace in our hearts that was new. My husband started to put his faith in the Lord. Not much later, I did too. Then my sister and so on. Now we all know Jesus. We thank the Lord for His grace in our lives and for the peace He has given us despite our grief.”

Today thank God for His grace and peace that is available to us … even in the midst of tremendous pain. Together let’s pray with confidence for those among us facing grief, anxiety, and loss.

Father, thank You for Your perfect peace that is available to calm our hearts and spirits. When we find ourselves in pain and our worries overwhelm us, remind us of Your love, healing, and grace. Help us to pour out our fears and sadness to You and declare Your promises of peace and strength for Your children. In the precious name of our Savior and Prince of Peace, Jesus, we ask this. Amen.

A listener in Romania finds the Bible is an ancient book with applications to our modern situations. Find out more tomorrow as our prayer and praise journey continues.

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