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An exciting invitation from Lebanon

November 04, 2022

“Come to Lebanon, teach us God’s Word!”

That’s what we recently heard from viewers of THRU the BIBLE’S program on Arabic satellite TV. Here’s more of their story.

“We are a praying group that regularly watches you. We think it’s a very valuable program and appreciate your method. Come be with us! We enthusiastically await your reply.”

Isn’t this exciting? Pray for these listeners and the team who follows up with them. Ask God for their fellowship to be sweet and for their time in His Word to multiply as those in attendance reach out to others in His name. Pray that God’s Word, taught on THRU the BIBLE in Arabic on television, radio, and on the app, will bring great fruit in people’s lives.

On Monday we’re headed to Malawi. Pray with us as our journey through eastern Africa begins.

Listen here to TTB-Arabic.