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A small gesture leads to eternal impact

October 13, 2022

“Are you using your life to show the world what a wonderful Savior you have?” 

If you hopped aboard the Bible Bus today, you heard Dr. McGee ask that important question. Today as we travel through West Bengal, India, we hear how a small gesture of a neighbor influenced one man to turn to God. Here’s the incredible story.

“I worshipped several gods and drank too much. I was unhappy and unkind. One day after yelling at a neighbor for a small reason, I stormed inside my home very angry. Soon a knock came at my door and the neighbor invited me over for a cup of tea. I was shocked! That day we became friendly, and we had tea frequently.

“Soon my neighbor invited me to join some people at his home for your radio program. In the beginning, I did not like it. But when I started listening regularly, God spoke to my heart. I understood that I am a sinner and Jesus can forgive all my sins. I discussed this more with the group, and I was inspired to confess my sins and believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior. Now, I am leading my life by trusting Jesus, and I have peace.”

Pray today for the many Home Group leaders (like this one) living quiet lives of faith and integrity. Ask God to bless their ministry and give them wisdom, humility, and joy as they reach out in His name to all those around them.

We hear great advice from a listener in Pakistan. Join us tomorrow as our prayer journey continues.

Listen here to TTB-Bengali.