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Pray for our Kurdish listening family in Iraq

September 14, 2022

Welcome, World Prayer travelers, today we stop and pray for God’s Word as it goes out in Iraq. Over 95% of Iraqis are Muslim, and more than 98% remain unreached by the gospel. The few Christians residing in Iraq live in the north of the country, in Kurdistan. Persecution seems particularly common for Christians in the south and center of the country. Most have left these provinces, with the exception of small groups of new believers from a Muslim background.

Today as we intercede for God’s Word as it goes out in the language of Kurdish, let’s also focus on these requests we’ve heard from Christian workers on the ground:

  • Ask God to provide peace and stability so displaced Christians can return home.
  • Pray for protection for believers from threats of extremists.
  • Ask God to use His Word to strengthen and encourage all believers.
  • Pray God’s Word breaks through hearts hardened by longstanding divisions, deception, and intense rivalries.
  • Intercede for Iraqi government officials to uphold the right of Christians and other religious minorities.

Tomorrow we’re praying for God’s Word as it goes out in the United Arab Emirates. Meet us there.

Listen here to TTB-Kurdish.