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A good salvation story never gets old

September 08, 2022

The telling of the stories of how we come to Jesus by faith through grace—well, they never get old. Today we’re in Odisha as Rai tells us about how her family gave up idols and recently began following the Lord.

“I was born and raised in a family that worshipped many gods. I became an avid devotee as well, however my devotion and practices still left me lacking a true sense of peace in my heart. I had previously heard of Jesus through my uncle’s family who were believers, but I had never really paid much attention to them.

“Three years ago, my family was introduced to ‘Jinndagi Ke Radda’ [THRU the BIBLE in Chhattisgarhi]. My elder brother started listening to it regularly, which in turn drew my attention. As I listened, I began to experience the peace I had been seeking so long (I am 32 now). I began to learn about Jesus and His offer of salvation. Having accepted this truth, I have joined a church in my village and so has my entire family. My elder brother is already baptized, and I too plan to take this step shortly. I am thankful for this program that has brought me wonderful peace through a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

As we welcome this family to the Bible Bus and the family of God, let’s pray together:

Thank you, Father, for Your Son Jesus and for the salvation that this family (and each of us) have received by believing on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and trusting in His death on the cross and His resurrection. Our hearts overflow with gratitude for His amazing sacrifice for our sin.

As we study Your Word together in Chhattisgarhi, Czech, Cantonese, or whatever language we speak, help us grow in Your grace, mature in faith, and find our strength and peace in You.

May Your Spirit teach us what it means to live each day in ways that glorify You. And as Your Word goes out in Chhattisgarhi today, we ask that many more hear the name of Jesus and are saved. In His precious name we pray, amen.

One of the most difficult places to be a Christian in today’s world is Afghanistan. Join as we pray with our Afghan brothers and sisters tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

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