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A small step in God’s Word each day can make a BIG difference

August 23, 2022

“A small step each day becomes a big step in a year.”

That’s the wisdom we hear today from May as our World Prayer Team prays for THRU the BIBLE as it goes out across Hong Kong. Here’s more of her story:

“I was a new Christian when I found your program and was overwhelmed by everything I needed to know about my new faith. It seemed like I walked into a foreign country and everything was unfamiliar.

“At church I mentioned this to another woman, and she told me all I needed to do was read the Bible and listen to your program each day. Her advice was to make it a habit (even if what I was reading and hearing didn’t make sense), and soon things would start to fall into place. She said the Bible is the only place to look for answers.

“This simple advice made a profound impact in my life. At first it was difficult and uncomfortable, then I found myself looking forward to the next day. Now (almost a year later) spending time in God’s Word is the most important part of my day. Thank you for the education you have given me and the treasured friends you have become.”

It’s true. Small, deliberate steps can lead to large leaps forward. Today pray for more people like May to join us on the Bible Bus in the language of Cantonese. And ask Him to help us make His Word a priority in our lives each day, too. As we look back over the days, months, and years, may we see the many wonderful ways He’s used these small, faithful steps to make a BIG difference in our spiritual lives.

Tomorrow we stop to chat and pray with a brother in China.

Listen here to TTB-Cantonese.