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God’s Word is getting through in Japan

August 22, 2022

Welcome, World Prayer Team! We’re glad you’ve joined us as this week our journey brings us back to eastern Asia, with a stop today in Japan.

If you recall from previous visits, very few Japanese consider themselves religious, and many have never heard the name of Jesus. So together, let’s rejoice in this recent email:

“This is my first time sending you an email. Although I think THRU the BIBLE is a missionary program, many people like me who are not believers also listen to it. I only tune in from time to time, but every time it airs there are so many Bible verses that make sense to me. I am not a Christian, but I encourage my colleagues to give it a try and listen to it. So many radio programs these days are just talk and music, so I think it's great to have a program like yours that has clear teaching and provokes thought. I will continue to support the staff, so please keep up the good work.”

Praise God for opening the hearts of listeners like this one and for the in-country staff who answer emails, calls, and texts. Pray God’s Word heard in the Japanese language changes the hearts of those who listen to it around the world.

A small step in God’s Word each day can make a BIG difference. That’s what we hear tomorrow as we pray our way through Hong Kong.

Listen here to TTB-Japanese.