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Setting aside distractions and focusing on Jesus

August 17, 2022

Whom have I in heaven but You?And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.  -Psalm 73:25

“Growing older has made some things more difficult, but I have found that it has also made many things simple.”

That’s the wisdom Anita in Punjab, India, shares as our prayer journey through southern Asia continues. Here’s more of her story:

“I used to share about God’s love to many people when I was physically fit. Now with old age and knee problems, I am not able to walk around. I can’t go to church regularly because it is quite far from my place. In spite of all these hindrances, I thank God because I can listen to His Word from the comfort of my home. I feel that the church is at my home. It satisfies all my spiritual needs. I used to go many places and do many things, now I realize that spending time with God is more than enough.”

Today as we come before the Lord and lift up His Word as it goes out in the language of Punjabi, let’s meditate on Psalm 73:25. As you pray, ask God to help you each day to set aside all the distractions of life and for a few moments be able to focus solely on Him. Like Anita, may this practice bring us to the realization that there’s nothing on this earth we desire more than Him.

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