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Pray for the hungry

August 04, 2022

Using contemporary language, the country of Timor Leste could easily be described as a “hot mess.” Despite its rich natural gas reserves and abundant oil, nearly every aspect of infrastructure needs transformation, including education, jobs, healthcare, politics, and family life.

Large numbers of children and young people who have lost everything (including their parents) roam the streets or join dangerous gangs. More than 58% of children under the age of five lack proper nutrients and are under height and weight for their age. As we pray for God’s Word to bring hope to the Timorese today, let’s also ask Him to meet their great physical needs as well.

Father, it’s difficult to hear about children who suffer, especially from hunger. We ask You to give hungry Timorese children daily bread today (Matthew 6:11) and end their persistent hunger. Provide the food they need to grow and thrive. Pour out Your grace on hungry families, especially parents struggling to feed their children in a time of dwindling resources. As Your Word goes out on THRU the BIBLE, provide for them what they need. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Pack your bags and join us tomorrow as our prayer journey through southeastern Asia continues in the Philippines.

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