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Finding hope in the midst of despair

July 14, 2022

“Hope in the midst of despair.” That’s what Annabel Torrealba, our regional partner in Haiti, asks us to pray for. Here’s more of her recent update:

“As you know, the Haitian people have faced severe trials in recent years. Hurricanes and earthquakes have ravaged the country, and a political crisis seems to be raging. Insecurity due to gang fights makes life impossible. But THRU the BIBLE is bringing hope to the lost and spiritual strength to believers.

“In the country 40% of the population speaks French, but the heart language of the people is Creole—99.9% of the inhabitants speak Creole. During difficult times, hearing hope in the language of your heart is key; it brings comfort and peace.”

Today as we pray, ask God for His Word heard in Creole to not only bring hope to the people Haiti, but for their country to emerge out of their troubles as a beacon of hope to the world.

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Listen here to TTB-Creole.