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“Strange things happened when I studied God’s Word”

July 06, 2022

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today our travels bring us to Tanzania where over 35% of the population live in extreme poverty, many lacking basic amenities like electricity, sanitation, and education. Despite the difficulties, praise God His Word is heard by listeners like Tumpe who recently shared:

“My husband left me with small children, little money, and no hope. For many years I was very bitter. Then one of my children became ill. I turned to a local witch doctor, and he was of no help. Desperate, I asked a Christian neighbor to pray for us. He and his wife came every day and together we listened to your programs on the radio and prayed together. Soon I began listening on my own.

“Strange things began to happen. My son recovered, my angry spirit left, and I found myself craving to learn more from the Bible. I learned my biggest needs in life weren’t physical, they are spiritual. It was then that I knew I needed to get on board and obey God’s Word or always remain a person in need. I chose to be a child of God. Thank you for these programs that have filled me in ways I never imagined. Our home now has joy where there was once only endless sorrow.”

Even in the midst of hardships, we can find great joy (and contentment) as we spend time in God’s presence. Ask God to meet the tangible, physical needs of the hungry, poor, and needy in Tanzania today, and pray more people will hear His Word and join us on the Bible Bus. Like Tumpe, may His joy overflow in their hearts and bring contentment into their lives.

“You can’t save yourself.” That’s the lesson a listener in Madagascar is learning as we travel THRU the BIBLE. Hear more tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

Listen here to TTB-Swahili.