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Keep praying, God is speaking

May 31, 2022

God’s Word is being heard in Nigeria and the results are amazing. Together let’s celebrate with these listeners who join us on the Bible Bus in their language of Igbo:

One listener writes: “I do not often go to church because I feel that the truth is not taught. I was dismayed and distraught until I heard your programs. I have learned that God’s Word is the measure for truth. If a church is teaching outside of it, I must not remain. Thank you for helping me have a standard to apply and please, if you can, direct me to a place of worship that I can trust.”

Another man shares: “I have not trusted God in all things. I regret this but have been wary. From your teaching in God’s Word, I have learned that when God makes a promise, He will keep it. I now scour the Scriptures to see what I can rely upon. Also helpful was your reminder that He fulfills His promises in His own time and not ours. So now I am patiently waiting upon Him and not giving up.”

Keep praying, team. For listeners in Nigeria, western Africa, and around the world. God is speaking to us all.

Your prayers are needed for Burkina Faso tomorrow. We’ll meet you there.