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Praying for a prison ministry in the Czech Republic

May 26, 2022

God is honoring your prayers and multiplying His Word in the Czech Republic. Meet your fellow Bible Bus passenger, Ivona, who shares her story:

“I have learned so much from you that I was asked to share God’s Word as a prison ministry volunteer. I was very nervous at the beginning, but I used so many things I’ve learned from THRU the BIBLE that I slowly was confident in what I was saying. I also invited them to listen to you when I was away. Now I have also been asked to visit a prison in Germany where they have inmates from our country, too. I am grateful God has given me this opportunity and also for your teaching that prepares me to take on such a responsibility. Please pray for me.”

Praise God for His work in the lives of Ivona and those she visits in prison. Ask Him to expand the ministries of our fellow listeners sharing His Word in eastern Europe and beyond. May His name be praised in the hearts of all those who hear His Word.

We’ve got good news about God’s Word in Latvia. Pray with us tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Czech.