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The gift of an eternal perspective

May 10, 2022

God’s Word has a way of putting life into perspective … an eternal perspective. That’s what we hear from this listener of THRU the BIBLE in Pakistan:

“I am a day laborer and have accumulated many debts in my life. I was becoming angry and unhappy. Then I met Jesus, thanks to an MP3 player given to me by a friend. It has taught me many things. Each message is transforming my life and my way of thinking. Recently, I’ve heard about the exhausting lives of various prophets. As a result, I’ve found my difficulties to be much smaller. I find the programs help me keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and not on my problems. Thank you.”

Poverty in Pakistan isn’t a new problem. However, the country’s current economic situation, mixed with its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, put many more Pakistani citizens out of jobs. Those in agriculture were especially hit hard. Today as we pray for God to meet the physical needs of His people in this Muslim-dominant country, ask Him to use these circumstances to draw more people to Himself. May they too realize they are not alone and that He is there to offer a different perspective—a life-giving offer of eternal life found in Jesus Christ alone.

God makes house calls. Find out more tomorrow in Tripura.

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