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Facing hardship? Listen to Harini’s story …

May 09, 2022

“The way God uses our hardships for His purposes is extraordinary.”

That’s what we hear from Harini in Uttar Pradesh today. Here’s her story:

“Growing up my family practiced rituals to please our gods. My husband’s family did, too. When we were married, we continued these practices. My husband passed away when our kids were young, and the responsibility of four sons and one daughter landed squarely on my shoulders. I found a job and then fell ill and was bedridden. It broke my spirit, and I no longer had the will to live. The only thing that kept me from suicide was the faces of my children.

“As I began to recover, a neighbor helped me with the children. One night she invited us to gather and listen to the radio. It was your teaching on John chapter 14. When I heard the words, ‘I will never leave you,’ tears started flowing. In the end, I asked God to have mercy on me and asked the group to pray for us. I felt a unique rest and peace from within. As a regular listener now, I understand that God used these situations to get my attention and gave me the strength I need to get through. While I do not wish for more trouble, I am certain that no matter what I face He will be there with me.”

Has God used difficult circumstances to draw you closer to Him? As you praise Him today, pray more people in Uttar Pradesh realize His goodness in the midst of their hardships and learn to place their trust in Him.

Good things are happening through God’s Word in Pakistan. Hear more tomorrow as we travel on our knees.

Listen here to TTB-Bhojpuri.