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God hears our cries and cares

April 18, 2022

In my distress I cried to the Lord,and He heard me. -Psalm 120:1

As a new Christian where did you go for advice and encouragement? Family? Friends? The pastor at a local church?

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we’re in Algeria where fellow believers are few and persecution is a reality for many who choose to follow Jesus Christ. As one listener tells us:

“I have only been a believer for less than a year. I still need a lot of advice, like how to behave in the midst of my Muslim family’s outrage about my new faith. I need courage, and your program leads me to God’s Word where I can find it. I know now that God hears my cries and cares. Thank you for being my church, my family, and my only Christian friends. Please pray that I will remain strong and those who oppose me will eventually come to know Jesus as well.”

Thank God for this young woman and her growing faith. Pray for all those who follow Jesus, despite the opposition and persecution they experience. May they too know God hears their cries and trust His comfort, encouragement, and strength is theirs as they live each day for Him.

We’re praying 2 Thessalonians 3:1 in Western Sahara tomorrow. It’s a privilege to pray alongside you.

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