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A Good Friday message of joy

April 15, 2022

Living for Jesus in Myanmar is difficult. Those who choose to follow Jesus Christ may find themselves persecuted by their Buddhist, Muslim, or tribal families and communities because they have left their former faith. And yet, as God’s Word goes out in the language of Burmese, more people like this one are responding:

“Through your teaching, I have come to understand God's Word. My life has changed and through a relationship with God, I feel satisfied in ways I wasn’t before. I have recently learned that Jesus came to the earth the first time to save the people, but when He comes the second time, He will judge the world. So now, I help my neighbors who are non-believers as much as I can and invite them to listen to your programs with me. Please pray they come to faith.”

What a great request. As Resurrection Sunday quickly approaches, rejoice with those who hear God’s Word and believe in the name of Jesus Christ. Together let’s pray God’s whole Word will reach His whole world.

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Listen here to TTB-Burmese.