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Praying for the hurting and helpless in North Korea

April 08, 2022

Have you already studied God’s Word with us on THRU the BIBLE today? If not, be sure to catch Gregg and Steve say thank you for traveling with us through eastern Asia this week and throughout the world this year.

As we travel today, let’s share a few letters from those who hear THRU the BIBLE in their language of Korean.

Joon texted to say: “As I was listening to today’s message, I felt ashamed that there are things I love more than God. I want to wrap myself with the Word of God and prayer to fight the world’s temptations. Thank you for the great program.”

Jia wrote: “I have been trying to read the Bible every day. I have been learning a great deal from ‘McGee’s Bible Study.’ I hope studying the Bible will help me become more like Jesus.”

Kyong tells us: “As I listen to ‘McGee’s Bible Study,’ I reflect on my life and what idols I may have. I hope to put down my desire and be lifted up by the Lord!”

Thank God for the growing faith of these fellow passengers in South Korea. Together, let’s pray for our brothers and sisters in North Korea who face some of the harshest spiritual restrictions in the world:

Father, thank You for Your Word, which reveals to us who You are and the way You have demonstrated Your great love. Father, we pray for our brothers and sisters in North Korea with little access to the Scriptures and fellowship with one another. Give them the knowledge that despite their circumstances You are there with them, walking beside them. Holding them up when all seems lost.

Lord, we know Your people and Your kingdom will prevail, but we ask that You strengthen them and provide ways for them to be encouraged. Protect them and use them to spread the Good News to others who are hopeless and in need of the help that comes from knowing our Savior, Jesus. It’s in His all-powerful name we pray, amen.

It’s time to celebrate. Meet us on Monday in Uttar Pradesh, India, as we begin an exciting journey to Resurrection Sunday.

Listen here to TTB-Korean.