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Where do you find peace?

March 22, 2022

“The peace of God is like a sentinel on duty around our hearts and minds, protecting us and keeping us in life’s most worrisome trials.” –Dr. J. Vernon McGee in “How to Have Peace in Anxious Times”

Our World Prayer journey continues today in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where we meet with a fellow listener named Liban who tells us:

“We are encouraged, advanced, healed, and have our inner peace as we listen and learn from Thru the Bible. There will be no peace in this land without Jesus Christ. In this time, if we have no peace in this world, we are grateful to have peace in our hearts. My family has great needs—for food, for protection, for work. However, we try to put these worries in the hands of the Lord and go about sharing His name with our neighbors.”

Isn’t his faith inspiring? Today pray for more people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to join us in God’s Word. As the Lord meets their spiritual needs through His Word, ask Him to meet their physical needs, too.

There is more to pray about in Africa. Join us tomorrow in Angola.

Listen here to TTB-Somali.