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Seeing our difficulties from God’s perspective

March 07, 2022

What difficulties are you facing today? Does life seem like a battle or an uphill climb both ways? Marsudi in Indonesia wants us to realize that despite our circumstances, God’s Word helps us remember He is there, and He always provides:

“My family and I listen to you in Javanese. Right now, we are in Genesis. We are learning a lot from this teaching. For example, the part when Sarah laughed after finding out that she’s pregnant, we really could relate to. We also sometimes are not sure of God’s plan in our lives. We only realize it later that God has always helped us, and He always provides a way out of our problems. We are determined now more than ever to hand our burdens over to Him and trust Him to work on our behalf.”

What a great reminder. Let’s pray now that all those who hear God’s Word in Indonesia not only trust the Lord with their lives, but also their problems.

Lord, thank You that You can do anything. We pray Your Word in Indonesia is heard and hearts respond in faith. Especially those who face what seem like insurmountable circumstances. As they learn to trust You, help them (and all of us, too) see difficulties in life from Your perspective and know that You will fight for and win the battles in our lives. We are grateful that You are mighty, righteous, and most of all worthy of our trust and praise. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Good things are happening through God’s Word in the Philippines. Pray and praise with us as we journey there tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Javanese.