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“The Bible helps me face daily problems”

January 24, 2022

No request is too big for God. That’s what we’re keeping in mind today as we pray our way through Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. While Islam spreads rapidly in this part of the world, church attendance dwindles. Pray today for God to draw more people to His Word and for it to meet their needs like it has for Annette in Norway: 

“I have a bakery and work at night. You keep me company every night as I listen to your teachings. I have been through depression for several years and your program helps me a lot. The Bible helps me face daily problems. I hope more people hear your teaching and find the hope you are sharing each day.” 

A “glimpse” of Jesus changes everything for listeners in the U.S. Find out more tomorrow. 

Listen here to TTB-Norwegian.