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Specific prayer requests from Nepal

January 18, 2022

Thru the Bible is, without a doubt, a great gift from God to Nepal for His glory and honor.”

That’s the good news we hear from Simon Subha, producer of THRU the BIBLE in the Nepali language. Here is more of what he has to say: 

“God uses our partnership together for the gospel in amazing ways. He uses it not only to enrich and equip listeners, but it also plays a tremendous role in church growth, spiritually and quantitatively. This means that hundreds of churches and believers are protected from cults because of sound Bible teaching. This continues to happen across the country despite geographical, social, and political challenges. Those who hear God’s Word begin to leave dark practices like idol worship and animism. Then they begin to walk in the light of God’s love. The transformation is tremendous.”

Isn’t that great? Simon continues with five ways we can specifically pray for Christians in this region of the world: 

  1. Pray for safety and security of Christians in Nepal, as Christians are at risk of fines and imprisonment for sharing their faith.
  2. Pray for enough resources to expand THRU the BIBLE home groups in remote areas.
  3. Pray for Simon’s safety as he gathers with listeners and visits with home groups.
  4. Praise God for the many new ways THRU the BIBLE is available to listeners in Southern Asia.
  5. Praise God that there is more demand for His Word than we can currently meet. Thank Him for creative listeners who are working together to reach out in His name.

Meet us in the Middle East tomorrow—there’s a lot to pray about.

Listen here to TTB-Nepali.