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Secret believers in Eastern Africa need our prayers

January 07, 2022

“As-salamu alaykum”—“peace and blessing be upon you”—is the most common way Somalis greet one another, and it’s also our prayer as we travel through Eastern Africa today. 

Like many countries in this region, Somalia is home to millions who have yet to hear the name of Jesus. For those who do follow Him, the risks are great, including harassment, rape, and even death.  

As we pray for Somalis to know the true peace and blessing that only comes from a relationship with Jesus, let’s also thank Him for listeners like Yusuuf who are following Him despite the danger. He says: 

“For our safety, most of us are part of the underground church. Thank you for your program that enables our spiritual growth. The increase of believers and the gospel is growing, spreading to the nearest locations.  

“We have recently studied the book of Amos. We are discovering meaning and learn something new about God each day. Praise be to Him who loves and keeps us safe in His care.” 

Today remember Yusuuf and others in Somalia before the Lord, and know we’re praying you too are reminded of God’s love and care in your life as well. 

Good things are happening through God’s Word in Southeastern Asia. Find out more next time. 

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