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Conquering sin and selfishness

December 22, 2021

The hope we find in a relationship with Jesus is what we’re praising God for today as we touch down in Gujarat, India. Listen to this great story of a longtime listener.

“I was once a short-tempered man who got angry often and easily. I lost my family, my job, and many friends because I could not control my words. I began to lose hope and had suicidal thoughts. Then I heard your program. I listened for a while and noticed I was changing. I became hopeful of a new life and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. I eventually went to seminary.

“Today, I have a church where 180 people come for worship. I have been doing ministry for the last 18 years. God is using me despite my weaknesses, and I am so thankful. I want others to know that with God all things are possible. I found hope when I thought my life was over. If He’s willing to save me, He’s willing to save anyone.”

It’s true. By His death and resurrection, Jesus conquered sin and selfishness, and He can change our lives for the better now and for eternity. Do you know someone who needs hope today? Share the good news with them. Want some help in getting started? Download Dr. McGee’s booklet, “The Faith Equation,” and share it with them.

We’re celebrating the many names of Jesus tomorrow. Meet us in Rwanda.

Listen here to TTB-Gujarati.