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The big deal about Jesus

December 01, 2021

“What’s the big deal about your Jesus?”  

That’s the interesting question a listener of THRU the BIBLE in the language of Fongbe asked her best friend. Here’s the rest of her story.  

“My friend would not stop talking about your program and what she was learning. It became annoying. Finally, she told me she’d stop mentioning her newfound love for God if I would agree to listen with her for one week. I must admit the motivation for me was social rather than spiritual, but about halfway through, the lessons started to sink in. It has been four months since we started listening to the programs on a local radio station together, and I have become addicted! The explanations of each passage, especially taking into account the Hebrew or Greek meaning of the words, brings me much closer to the mind and heart of our Savior. Today, I am proud to be part of the listener family of Thru the Bible and most importantly a child of God.”  

Praise God for good friends who care about us! Pray more people in Africa share God’s Word with those around them. Let’s pray for each other, too, asking God to give each of us the confidence to share the “big deal about Jesus” with those we love today. Want some help? Check out these free resources

What’s God doing in your life? Join us tomorrow as a listener in Italy shares his exciting answer.

Listen here to TTB-Fongbe.