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Isolated but not alone

November 23, 2021

“God’s Word encourages me that I am not alone in my circumstances.”

That’s the encouragement we receive from a Bible Bus passenger who joins us in his language of Amharic in Ethiopia. He continues:

“I am amazed that every message from the Bible is related to my situation in life. I am not in a fellowship of believers, so Thru the Bible is my only source of light in a dark environment where enemies of the gospel intimidate me regularly. The Lord leads me daily, and I pray for you constantly. I always see Him answering my prayers in the letters you read and through His goodness to others. I know He is intervening in my life, too. All glory to God for the great things that come to us as we study His Word!”

As we pray for God to reach more Ethiopians with His message of hope and grace today, let’s also ask Him to encourage our brothers and sisters who are isolated and alone in their faith. Ask God to use His Word to strengthen and sustain them as they faithfully follow Him.

We’ve got more to celebrate tomorrow. Don’t miss the joy of God at work.

Listen here to TTB-Amharic.