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Standing for God in India

October 15, 2021

But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” -Exodus 3:11 

Welcome to India. In a country with few Bible resources and even fewer Bible teachers, digital audio players loaded with THRU the BIBLE provide a systematic study of the Word in all of India’s major languages and numerous dialects—over 120 in all. As one local home group leader named Karunesh tells us, the players have given him a purpose he never thought possible: 

“Never did I imagine that one day I would be responsible for engaging a group of people in my locality to study the Bible. I have no credentials to take up this task, and never would have thought myself qualified. In fact, like Moses, I didn’t want to lead at first, but now I thank God for giving me this great privilege. 

“I have always struggled to understand the Word of God, but your study is simple and yet so deep as it gives me the context of each narrative. The applications are so helpful, and I can already see a lot of changes in me. It is also evident that the Word is working in the lives of the members of my group as I see them grow spiritually. It is amazing that we can meet each week in a house and listen to the Word in our own language without any hindrances. This could never have been possible without your intervention. May God bless you abundantly.” 

Thank God today for these amazing home groups in India. Ask Him to multiply them in number and in languages. 

Is God asking you to do something big or uncomfortable in your life? Have faith He will prepare a way and give you all the strength you need to complete the task. Want to learn more about how God works when we have faith in Him? Download Dr. McGee’s free digital booklet, “Stand Up: Lessons of Courage from the Book of Daniel.” 

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