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Praying Armenia is a bright light among its Muslim neighbors

September 13, 2021

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with our brothers and sisters in Armenia. Today as we travel on our knees, we meet with several THRU the BIBLE listeners and hear terrific stories of how God’s Word is growing their faith.

A listener in Artsakh tells us: “I have always lived my life in a hurry, but your words make me stop and ponder. Now I see how empty life is. Without Jesus and God’s Word, we are dead.”

And in Gyumri we hear: “During the Soviet era, people were forbidden to spread the Word. I was 20 years old at that time and attended church with my granny. But my father was a communist and he forbid us to go to church because he was afraid of being fired from the Party. Praise the Lord, my father began listening to your program and now reads the Bible more than we do.”

Alla from Yerevan shares: “I live with my grandson, and sometimes I can’t find exact words to present the God’s Word to him. I was relieved when I found your program. Now we listen together and talk afterwards. Thank you for helping me bring Him up in truth.”

In a time where Bible reading is considered rare in Armenia, praise God for these faithful listeners and others like them. Pray more join us on the Bible Bus each day. And keep praying for Armenia to be a bright light among its Muslim neighbors. 

Our journey through the Middle East continues tomorrow in Syria. Travel with us and pray.

Listen here to TTB-Armenian.