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The power of praying neighbors

September 09, 2021

Who introduced you to Jesus? Was it a parent, brother or sister, or a close friend? Akhila from Odisha, India, tells us her story:

“When I was 12 years old my neighbors invited me to their house to listen to Thru the Bible. I liked it very much, and I began to visit often. I was surprised when they told me they had been praying for me since I was a baby. Because they cared so much, I was motivated to learn more and more about Jesus Christ.

“One day I committed my life to the Lord and informed my family members about Jesus. Since they were worshiping different gods, they opposed me and threatened me. But slowly they also started listening to the program and believed in the Word of God. Now we all are in the faith. Thank you so much for this program, which changed my life. Please pray for me and my family so we may continue to grow in the Lord.”

Praise God for faithful neighbors who pray and share the love of God with those around them. Ask God to bless all those who boldly share Jesus in their communities. Ask Him for opportunities to share His good news with those around us, too.

Want to invite your neighbors to study God’s Word with us? Pray for them and invite them to ride the Bible Bus with you. Or for a language other than English, direct them to listen at or with our new app (learn more or get it at  

Following Jesus in Afghanistan is tough. Come along as we pray for our Afghani brothers and sisters tomorrow.