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A listener in Paraguay asks an important question each day

September 02, 2021

What will God do in your life today? 

That’s the great question a listener in Paraguay asks each morning as she travels through the Word of God on the Bible Bus with us. Here’s more of her story. 

“Each morning I sit alongside you on the Bible Bus, excited for what we are about to learn. As God teaches us through His Word, I continually ask myself, ‘with this knowledge, what’s going to happen?’ And He never disappoints. More and more frequently I find myself meeting people and in positions to share His goodness with others. I am so grateful for this adventure.”

Isn’t that great? As we hop aboard the Bible Bus today, let’s turn over our calendars and agendas to God, too. Ask Him to fill our day with His plans. Together let’s pray for what He’s going to do in and through each of us.  

A teenage atheist in Chile finds God. Join us tomorrow for his story.

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