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From Ethiopia: “Can you tell me how to follow Jesus?”

July 09, 2021

Need a little infusion of joy? Listen to the beginning of THRU the BIBLE in the Amharic language. It’s impossible not to smile when you hear the music and think of all the lives being touched through God’s Word . . . people like Hakim:

“Although I am a Muslim, I always follow Thru the Bible. I have learned many lessons that I did not know before. It is really a great opportunity to learn about God and know more about the story of Jesus. I need to learn and know more about Jesus and His teachings. Can you tell me how I can follow Him?”

While there is peace between Muslims and Christians in some areas of Ethiopia, in others (where extremists are present) Christians are persecuted. Today as you pray for THRU the BIBLE as it goes out in the languages of Amharic and Oromo, lift up listeners like Hakim who consider leaving Islam. Ask God to protect and guide them as they begin a new life with Him at the center.

What’s been your favorite study on the Bible Bus? On Monday, Manuel in Colombia shares how traveling through Exodus changed his life.

Listen here to TTB-Amharic and TTB-Oromo.