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Your prayers are making a difference in Kenya

July 05, 2021

Climb aboard a hot air balloon as the sun rises on the Serengeti, hit the beaches in Zanzibar, visit a local Swahili spice farm village … the tour options in Kenya are endless.

As we make our way through this enchanting country, we’re delighted to meet with some listeners who tells us how God’s Word in the Gikuyu language has made a difference in their lives:

Matu says: “I am a new believer and I continue to grow every day. Thanks to Thru the Bible, I can now stand and confess Jesus. Awhile back I did not have the courage, but I thank God for the daily inspiration and encouragement that has strengthened me.”

Njeri tells us: “Thru the Bible is wonderful and useful. I am a Sunday school teacher, and this job has never been easier. God bless you for teaching me. In return, I am now a better teacher.”

Your faithful prayers are making a difference! Keep praying for God’s Word to make a difference in Kenya and throughout eastern Africa.

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Listen here to TTB-Gikuyu.