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Praying for the young in Botswana

June 29, 2021

The outlook for youth in Botswana is relatively grim. Low life expectancy rates, high rates of teen pregnancy, and the widespread impact of AIDS all add to the sense of hopelessness.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today as our travels through southern Africa continue, we stop and ask God to use His Word heard in the language of Shona to reach more young people like this one:

“Thank you for providing the Word of God on radio. I am a teenager, and these teachings help me daily. I ask my friends to listen with me, but so far they will not. However, l share the great teachings l receive with them. They are especially interested in the stories of Jesus’ miracles and the Israelites who had so many troubles. Thank you for the encouraging program; it carries me through difficult times!”

Praise God for hometown missionaries like this one. As you pray for God to grow him in grace as he shares his faith, ask the Lord to raise up other young people in Botswana to share His Word. Through their leadership, may their generation discover a new hope and future in Christ.

Amazing things are happening in Eswatini as we pray. Join us tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Shona.