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An unusual trip to Norway

June 10, 2021

As one of Europe's few indigenous people, the rich and ancient traditions of the Sami offer travelers a very different view of northern Europe.

Welcome, World Prayer travelers. Today we stop to intercede for THRU the BIBLE as it goes out in the Lapp language to nearly 25,000 Sami in Norway, Sweden, Russia, and Finland. While some of the Sami have held true to their animist traditions, many consider themselves Lutheran. However very few are committed to following Jesus.

As we spend time soaking in the beauty of their culture and experiencing customary dishes like Bierggojubttsa (a soup of meat, potatoes, carrots, or other root vegetables), we pray for these vibrant people and ask God to give them a hunger for His Word. As THRU the BIBLE goes out, may they hear the truth and choose an eternal relationship with our Savior, Jesus.

Our bags are packed for Sweden tomorrow. Invite a friend to join us for the journey.